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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adventures in Juicing

Yes, the guy and girl who love their pizza, meatballs, and pancakes have gone liquid.  We are on day two of The BluePrint Cleanse and it''s...why did I agree to do this again? I'm starving! Consuming nothing but liquid for two whole days has been intense, but I'm pretty proud of us for sticking to it (so far).

Back to why we're doing this. As healthy as we try to be, we really love to eat and tend to over-indulge whether it's dinner out with friends or experimenting in the kitchen.  And after watching the documentary "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead," we thought a little detox would help us atone for our health sins.  I highly recommend if you haven't seen it yet.  This guy's story is amazing and it really makes you think twice about what you put in your body.  While you're at it you can catch "Food Inc." and "Vegucated" but then you may never want to eat anything again...ever.  

While we probably won't be doing The BluePrint Cleanse again anytime soon, we did invest in a juicer to keep-up our health kick. Don't worry, I'm not going to abandon solid food forever. I'm actually quite excited to use it for cooking and baking. There is so much you can do with fresh juice.  You can even use the remaining pulp for soups and muffins!


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