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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Hungry Yuppies Honeymoon

So how do two hungry lovebirds choose the perfect honeymoon destination?  Obviously great food is a top requirement, with an abundance of tropical drinks coming in at a close second.  Kaua'i seemed to be the least likely foodie destination, but this tropical paradise is packed with culinary surprises.  We experienced high-end dining worthy of any NYC neighborhood (with prices to match), unassuming food trucks, local specialties (hello, shave ice), and some of the freshest fish and fruit we've ever had in our lives.

Baracuda served up beautiful cocktails and addictive tapas.  Humboldt fog with apple and local honeycomb was the perfect end to our meal.

The Dolphin in Hanalei Bay, wowed us with its sushi rolls.  Just look at that beautiful ahi!

If you have not experienced shave (not shaved) ice,  imagine the best snow cone you've ever had and multiply that by a thousand.  Our favorite spots (The Fresh Shave and Tege Tege) featured all natural flavor syrups and fresh ingredients.

We were spoiled every morning with a homemade breakfast cooked by our host Michael, complete with super fresh tropical fruit.  I also learned how to properly serve a mango!

To make the most of the long journey between New York and Kaua'i it only made sense to make a stop in Napa for a 2.5 day blitz of amazing food and wine.  Everywhere you look there are vineyards, cafes, restaurants, and specialty food shops.  My idea of heaven!

After a painful red eye, the Sunflower Cafe's coffees were more than a welcome sight.

A drive up the Sonoma Valley led us to Kunde Estates which revitalized us with it's stunning views and wine.

The Model Bakery and their legendary english muffins filled our bellies before a day of wine tours and tastings in Napa.

A picnic with sandwiches from Genova Deli paired perfectly with Bremer's reds.

While reservations at the French Laundry eluded us, we happily settled for Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc, which did not disappoint.  Best part of the meal?  Scoring the recipe for that beautiful steak jus (more on that later).    

Traveling has always been a source of great inspiration and fresh perspective.  After all the adventures adventures, I could not wait to to get back to my kitchen!

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