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Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas is a time for many traditions, and every family has at least one. My favorite is of course, the making of the Christmas cookies. Every year, my mom bakes about twenty different types of cookies. Most of these cookies are quite nostalgic since I only get to enjoy them once a year, such as the German pfeffernusse cookies and my great-grandmother's Hungarian cookies. I always enjoy helping out as much as I enjoy eating them. Even while I was away at college, or living in Boston, I always made sure I made it home well before Christmas so I can help with the great cookie bake-off. Today I rolled up my sleeves to make the very labor-intensive, yet addictive Hungarian cookies filled with poppy seeds and apricot preserves. We made almost 200, but I guarantee they won't last long.

Instead of gingerbread, this year we tried piparkakut, a Finnish cookie flavored with orangel peel, cardamon and black pepper. Brushed with egg whites and topped with sanding sugar, these cookies are surprisingly light and crispy.

Peppermint Bark-Very festive shortbread topped with chocolate and crushed candy cane.

Almond-Spice Biscotti-Absolutely addictive, and one of my favorites.

Raspberry Stripes-Buttery cookie with jam and vanilla glaze.

Coconut Oatmeal Lace Cookies-Little works of (delicious) art.

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