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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin'

Pumpkin-Currant Cookies
1 Cup butter, room temperature
1 Cup packed light brown sugar
1 Cup sugar
1 Egg
1 Cup pumpkin puree
1 TSP vanilla
1 Cup whole-wheat flour
1 Cup all-purpose flour
1 TSP baking soda
1 TSP ground cloves
1 TSP cinnamon
1/2 TSP salt
3/4 Cup rolled oats
1 Cup dried currants

It's a sunny October afternoon, ideal weather for a drive up to the farm for a little pumpkin picking.  There's a supposed shortage of pumpkins this year, so I wanted to make sure we got the perfect Halloween pumpkin early.  My pick will be for decoration purposes only, but I have the perfect pumpkin treat using the canned variety.  These cookies have all the best flavors of fall that I find irresistible and completely addictive.    

Warrup Farm-Redding, CT

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.  In a large bowl cream together the butter and sugars until fluffy.  Combine with the egg, pumpkin and vanilla.  In a separate bowl sift together flours, baking soda, cloves, cinnamon and salt.  Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet until just combined.  Fold in the oats and currants.  Drop spoonfuls of the dough onto parchment-lined baking sheets.  Bake for 15 minutes.

Leftover Alert!  Use leftover pumpkin puree in your pancake batter, for a yummy fall breakfast.

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